We Turned Our Pumpkins PINK

7 October 2019

We turned our pumpkins PINK!

Let us know what you THINK!

Stop by to donate and vote for your favorite! All proceeds go to Volunteers in Medicine.

3-D mammography (also known as breast tomosynthesis) is the most significant advancement in breast imaging to occur in the last 25 years

4 April 2019

As each of us has moved into the digital age, whether we embrace it or not, medicine and so many other areas of our lives have undergone dramatic changes. Many of these changes are improving our lives. In the world of medical imaging, the invention of 3-D mammography (also known...


4 March 2019

When patients get involved, quality improves and costs decrease.

Many women spend hours clipping coupons, going to multiple grocery stores or making sure they get the best price per gallon of gas. They would never fill up the tank of their car not know if they were spending $3 or...

Early detection and a Chance to Survive Lung Cancer

4 March 2019

By Patricia Shapiro

I am nine years old and, for the third time this week, Mom is taking me and my three brothers to our cousins’ home all the way in town. I adore my cousins; we share everything with them. Thanksgiving is at their home; Christmas is at ours....

The 3D Mammography is the most significant advancement in mammography in decades

1 January 2019

As a radiologist, I want to be able to offer the most advanced technology available to help my patients. With 2D screening mammograms it is like I am looking at a closed book, all the breast tissue is layered upon itself and it can be impossible to tell when an...

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